Sunday, September 12, 2010

The Room: What we've done so far.

After all the negative things that have happened this week, and all the boring spending time in bed, I was really happy when John went out and (finally) got the paint for Kaetana's room. My parents came over next day and painted it all for us, too! The color is such a subtle shade of green I think it's hard to tell in the photos. Look at the contrast between the baseboard and the wall, I suppose, to get kind of a general idea. While they were here they put the crib together for us as well, because the mattress is on order and should be here early next week. It seems so early to be doing all of this (she's due to arrive Dec 2nd!) but after all the chaos I wanted to make absolute sure it would be done done done by the time she does get here - be it early, on time, or late.

See that rug? My friend got it and I am in LOVE. It works perfectly with the crib bedding (though you can't really tell yet, since all we've got on the crib is the skirt) and I think it adds such a great touch to the room. I want a nice girly room, but I don't want it to be so in your face pink! Hence the green walls, ha. This next weekend we'll be getting the changing table and will probably start with the decoration-type things. It makes me so happy to have such progress done, and I've found myself a few times leaving the bed post and sitting in that glider just thinking about how in a few short months I'll be right there with a beautiful little girl in my arms. <3

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  1. I can't wait to see the finished outcome! :)


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