Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Bed Rest

For the past few days I've been experiencing some mild lower abdominal pain, mixed with light cramping. This didn't worry me too much because I've been quite a bit more active as well. However, after spending all of today doing nothing (and I mean NOTHING) and not getting any kind of relief, I decided maybe it was time to see what was wrong. After not getting any reply from the doctor on call at my office, I ended up going to the Birthing Center. There, they hooked me up to a couple monitors (one to see if I was contracting, one to keep track of baby's heartbeat) and waited for about an hour. Well, I wasn't contracting and Kaetana sounded nice and healthy but the on call doctor decided that before he sent me home they would go ahead and check my cervix just in case. Good plan I guess because they found out I'm dilated just enough to fit a finger through. Not normal for someone 28 weeks pregnant.

So here I am now, in bed at home, and I've been put on bed rest until at least next week when my scheduled doctor's appointment is. I'm feeling pretty bummed out and am hoping this girl stays in my belly for at least another 6-7 weeks. I really don't want to have to go to Phoenix with a legit preemie.

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  1. that's kinda scary! hope everything cools down a bit. congratulations on your pregnancy :)



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