Sunday, January 2, 2011

Day Six

How, Where, When, Who, Reaction, Why - When you found out you were expecting:

Hmm. Okay well I found out I was pregnant in mid-March last year at a doctor's appointment. I had gone to get my birth control switched because I felt off and didn't want to take any changes (so much for that.) They said that because I was there for a birth control evaluation and change, it was routine to give a pregnancy test. I laughed at them and said go ahead.

I was by myself at the doctor, and had left work for a while to go. John worked with me at the time, so after finding out I immediately called him to let him know. He was funny because after I told him, he was very quiet for a few minutes then all he said was, "I love you." It was sweet. I had a pretty bad panic attack at the office, though, and had to have my best friend (at the time) come get dropped off to meet me because I couldn't handle it by myself! I completely freaked out! It definitely was not in my mind at all that I would be pregnant, even though looking back that's pretty dumb because of the symptoms I had. It was probably pretty obvious.

We drove back to my work, and I talked to John and my bosses and John's friend showed up too. It was nice to have all those people there supporting us. We ended up leaving work early and going to tell my family. Then we told his mom, and the rest is kinda history.

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