Thursday, September 29, 2011

Life according to my cell phone.

Oh, hey there. Did you miss me? ;) I hate not being able to blog but alas my computer still isn't fixed and I just haven't had the opportunity. Thankfully, however, my friend Cayla has let me borrow hers for a few days (to work on her own blog, not mine haha) and I've finally had a moment to pop on over here! Hooray!
Things have been ca-razy over here lately. First, I've been working NON STOP for the past two weeks trying to squeeze in as many hours as humanly possible before the store I worked at closed. Which it did a few days ago and I'm officially a one job woman, which is both good and bad. I also caught the fucking flu somehow and was screwed for days because of it. I missed a ton of work and was generally miserable; it sucked. But it hasn't been all bad over here. I've been spending a shit load of time with my sweet baby, and boy is she growing fast! She seems to be doing more and more daily and I'm loving being able to spend this extra time with her in-between jobs. We've been squeezing in as much family time as we can, as well, and it's just been great. I'm feeling the love hardcore over here, guys, and I couldn't be happier. :) Anywho, now on to the reason all of you come to this little blog of mine in the first place (admit it!) Some photos of Kaetana, among other things:


  1. Glad to hear you're back! Adorable pictures :) I hope you can find a computer more often! I miss your regular posting :D

  2. love all the pictures! the faces she makes are adorable.


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