Thursday, May 26, 2011

the week according to my cell phone

I'm spending tomorrow at my Aunt's house having a family yard sale (and hopefully selling all of Kaetana's old stuff!) so I won't be around. I thought I'd go ahead and post some photos off my cell phone from this past week, seeing as I always take a ton. I might even try to do this at the end of every week. :)
sittin' pretty ; new glasses ; attacking the phone!

spending the morning with grandma ; my view from the front seat ; brunch
first sippy cup experience ; nap time with daddy ; helping with laundry
fajitas for dinner ; playing at the park ; first time in a high chair
 These aren't really in any particular order. Maybe next time I'll do it that way, though!
Everyone have a fun, and safe, Memorial Day Weekend.
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