Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Anonymous Followers

There's something about knowing that there is someone out there that is interested enough in my day to day life, via my blog, to follow me but isn't willing to admit it that really irks me. I'm really not okay with it, and I wish there was an option to not allow anonymous followers. Now, if there is and I'm just not seeing it, let me know. Because I don't appreciate the secret follower.


  1. I'm with you! Every once in a while I get an annonymous comment and I'm like who are you?!? if you're going to take the time to tell me what you think you might as well tell me who you are! I just don't understand what the appeal of following anonymously is anyways >.<

  2. Right? Annoying!

    Anonymous followers are just lurkers, I figure. It's dumb.

  3. I haven't had an anonymous follower yet but I have had anonymous comments and I have since turned that off because I do not want comments from anyone who does not have a Blogger account now. Now sure if that was what you are talking about. That can be turned off under the comments section I believe is under settings. But I don't think you can stop people from following you anonymously. Which of course sucks. I mean why would you follow someone anonymously in the first place?

  4. Oh it just hit me, you can block followers, not sure if you can block the anonymous ones, but they can still read your blog. They just can't comment. Not sure if that info will help you any, but thought I'd pass it on.


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